Songs - a selection

Chris has composed many modern Christian worship songs that have proved and are still proving to be extremely popular. 

All the songs featured here have been published and recorded professionally and often appear in the media. 

Chris himself has appeared as both a songwriter and performer on BBC TV’s Songs of Praise and ITV’s Morning Worship programmes. His work has featured many times on BBC Radio 4’s Daily Service and is performed literally worldwide with many songs having been translated in most languages in the developed world.

This page contains some links where you can take a listen to different versions of the songs he has composed.  Worth noting, Chris’s original versions may be slightly different - music gets adapted to Congregational signing in different ways, the more years it has been being used…

Christ is Risen (1989)

Restore, O Lord (1981)

co-write with Graham Kendrick

Together we will serve you Lord (1993)
a request composition for the UK Baptist Union
in this video, kindly translated into German by Volkmar Glöckner

Hail Mary (1997)

Hail Mary (1997)

Performed by well-known entertainer
Don Maclean (of Crackerjack fame)
together with his daughter Rachel - in my local church

Glory Glory (1997)

Lord, Come & Heal Your Church (1987)
String Quartet Instrumental version

Lord of All Creation (1997)

co-write with Mike Stanley

Lord, by Your cross & resurrection (1996)

All Heaven Waits (1985)

co-write with Graham Kendrick (sounding a bit dated in this original version!)

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